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ePass is shortform for the Electronic Payment and Application System of Scholarships. Epass  scholarship has the main concern for the families who are very poor and have annual income of of less than Rs 1,00,000 and cannot afford money for higher studies. This mainly a scholarship management system which acts as a bridge between students and authorities on the front of application, payment and results of scholarships.

You can apply for ePass scholarship from the official ePass website : epass.cgg.gov.in

To get an access to this scholarship provided by government of India you should have atleast 75% attendance by the end of year and should of the categories mentioned in the rules and regulation which you can find on the official website.

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You will need to verify the following things.

The process of verification is essentially meant to check whether the particulars given in the scholarship form are correct as per the documents enclosed.  The verification is done in two steps namely college verification and Independent verification.

  1. College Verficiation:  In this verification, the college prinicipal has been mandated to verify the documents furnished by each student with the entry made in the application form.  Once the verification is completed and all entries are ound correct, he would finally sign the same and send it to the department for verification by the verification officer appointed by the District Collector
  2. Verification by the Verification Officer:  the verification officer appointed by the District Collector will conduct physical and documentary verification and submit his report either accepting or rejecting the scholarship application.
  3. Scrutiny by the Welffare Officer: before each and every application is taken up for sanction it is the responsibility of the welfare officer to satisfy himself of the verification by the college prinicpal and the verification officer and finally sanction the scholarship.

This scholarship  is given in the field of engineering, medicine, management etc. for U.G and P.G courses. If fulfill all the conditions for the scholarship you can apply for it online by submitting an form. You can also get help from from social welfare department of the state for the issue of e-Z pay card, ATM debit card.

To get the scholarship, you will have to fill a few forms like Income Certificate form.

Things you need to apply for ePass  Renewal Applications 2012

  • Marks List of Public examination
  • Income Certificate (affidavit) in Rs.10 Non Judicial stamp paper
  • Ration Card Number.
  • Aadhaar Card Number (If available)

With ePass you can create and manage your online accounts, also you can check the status of your scholarship , it also helps students in making the delivery of e-Z pay cards and guide about the whereabouts of the scholarships.

So now if money is the barrier in your higher studies, you can aaply for ePass.

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